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Wim Hof Method Beat Brun

Systematic training of body and mind has fascinated me since my youth. Practising the Wim Hof Method I gained more control over autonomous processes in the body, resulting in higher levels of energy, a sharpened mind and new sense for the joy of life.

I feel gifted with all the changes came to my life and therefore decided to pass-on some of this knowledge so that others may benefit as I did.

As of now I am the only (almost) full-time Wim Hof  Instructor in Switzerland. I am also and entrepreneur with a background in management consulting. I supported companies developing solutions to complex problems, now I am fully human centric. Meaning I use my experience and energy to lift people up, hold space and support you in the process of (re-) discovering and unleashing your potential.

Looking forward to welcome you in one of my workshops.

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