Here you find all the information on the upcoming events. Choose the event and date that suits you best. I am also offering tailormade experiences for companies, 1on1 coaching or any other special occasion, just reach out to me.

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    9th March 2024

    Daytrip – Polar bear bath in Lake Cauma

    Lake Cauma - Flims


    Daytrip – Polar bear bath in Lake Cauma

    9th March 2024

    11:00 am - 15:00 pm

    Lake Cauma - Flims

    Join us for a daytrip for a polar bear dip…

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For who?

My events are just about for anybody who has a little bit of adventures blood and likes to experience something new. I will guide you through the sessions. My aim is to provide outstanding experiences which offer every participant to access the method at his pace and in his own way. Together we find the right level of intensity.

What is happening on the event?

“Feeling is understanding” as Wim says. To get the best experience for you, we work with a lot of practical exercises, backed up with some theory where necessary. I am providing you also with some insights on the mindset behind the method. Together we do the Wim Hof Method breathing, some movement/yoga activity and finally a full body ice bath experience. Usually I guide one by one or in a small group through the bath. You learn how to control your stress reaction with the power of the breath. Your big smiles and "cold-lake-dipping"-selfies are my reward.


What is it good for again?Benefits may include

  • Increased stress resilience and ability to focus
  • Better breathing patterns
  • Overall more energetic and better mood
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Better trained cardiovascular system
  • Increased sports performance 
  • Reduced altitude sickness

Contact me

BEAT BRUN Blütenstrasse 16 8057 Zürich


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