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What Is The Wim Hof Method?

  • A health method aiming to make you feel strong, happy and healthy
  • It consists of three pillars which are reinforcing each other and create synergies so that the sum is bigger than the individual contribution. The pillars are breathing, mindset and gradual unforced cold exposure
  • The method is characterized by simplicity and effectiveness
  • You will also learn how to influence the chemistry in the body as well as to gain more control over parts of the autonomic nervous system and the immune system
  • Exercising on a regular base you will enter a transformation journey in which you will develop and increase your mental and physical strength

“The mission is to empower people to take back the power over the mind and body. Happy, strong and healthy for everyone. Make it simple again.”


The tree Pillars of the Method

  • The cold serves as a prerequisite to activating the autonomic nervous system.
  • It is a physical pressure whilst staying calm and focused at the same time it teaches you to be more resilient in other stressful circumstances (cross adaptation).
  • It is the perfect tool to bring us into the here and now, as it quiets your “monkey mind”. Meaning it quiets the part of the brain, which is often worrying nonstop about life’s uncertainties
  • The cold serves a training chamber to get “Comfortable in discomfort”, this is an important step to change our previously learned stress reaction patterns. We this newly developed resilience (stress reaction patterns) we will be able to lift ourselves to new heights in our daily life’s. The cold also boosters the effects of the two other pillars breathing & mindset, so that 1 + 1 + 1 > 3
  • Wim Hof breathing techniques function as a key to gain a higher degree of control over the autonomous nervous system
  • By this, we gain control over a range of physiological processes, which traditionally have been perceived as “non-controllable”. We can up regulate the autonomous nervous system (sympaticus) as well as down regulate (parasympaticus) and with this influencing function like the ability to focus, energy level, heart-beat, stress reaction patterns etc.
  • Unlike meditation the Wim Hof breathing exercises are physically demanding (sympathetic focus), which means that you exert a lot of energy and still end up in a calm and peaceful state (parasympathetic balance).
Mindset & Commitment
  • Concentration and meditation are essential to realize goals and to train with proper technique
  • The method teaches to build and maintain a strong and positive mindset. Embracing such mindset, we are much more able to deal with any kind of adversity lives throws at us.
  • We work on our thoughts and believes as they trigger emotions on a physical (chemical) level, which eventually guides our everyday behavior
  • It’s all about balance – The WHM primarily wants to move the body into an active state first (sympathetic) to then experience a deep state of relaxation and recovery
  • “Our life is the creation of our mind.” Reality is not absolute; we build it based on past experiences. We created a perception of ourselves, including strengths and weaknesses, our haves and wants and for the most part we believe that we are conscious about who we are and what we are capable of. But guess what – you are capable of so much more. We all have the potential to be happy, strong and healthy.

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